Comic Mix March Madness Webcomics Tournament!

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That title’s a bit of a mouthful.

Longtime Dungeon Grind reader Yorp has brought this event to my attention, and I reckon it’s worth trying to get nominated and seeded.

As he explains:

Comic Mix are currently doing their annual voting on the best webcomics, in a variety of categories. But Dungeon Grind has not been put on the list of options! Yet.

But, do not fear, if enough of us use the β€˜Other’ option, and typing in the name, to vote for it, we can have the comic added into the voting for the first round!


It is well worth while supporting the comic by doing that. And following it up by voting in the various rounds. As a good showing can bring a lot of new readers to a webcomic. In fact, even appearing on the voting lists can draw eyes to it!

Given that many of the readers will just read the comic in their email in box though, I think it is well worth while mentioning this in an email, to draw it to their attention. If that can be done before nominations close (on Monday ie the 23rd) [Correction: 23:59 EDT, Saturday March 21].

All you need to do, gentle reader, is follow that link, check the “Other” box (right down at the end of the list), type in “Dungeon Grind” and click Vote! Easy as that. The nomination poll closes at midnight on Saturday, so please take a moment to vote!

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Regina Draconum

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Tiamat The Chromatic Dragon, Her Dark Majesty, Mother of Monsters, Queen of Evil Dragonkind. Her magnificence knows no rival, her avarice no limit, her wrath no mercy!

Behold! A majestic new t-shirt design is now available from the Dungeon Grind Zazzle and RedBubble stores.

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Something in the air.

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Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us and cards seem to be A Thing, so here are some Dungeon Grind Things for you to send to your crushes, squeezes or none-of-the-aboves, as the case may be.




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