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5 Comments on Triplex

It’s actually kind of surprising to me, because it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long – but then I look back at the archive and… oh hey, there’s a whole bunch of strips in there, maybe it has been three years. Weird. It’s been a fun adventure so far – I’ve learned a lot, and have been lucky enough to encounter more happy surprises than frustrating obstacles. I’ve got some ideas in mind for the coming year, so keep reading for those.

This is also (another) good opportunity to say thank you, all of you, for reading and supporting Dungeon Grind – whether you’ve been following it from the early days or are still catching up with the archives. Thank you for every comment, +1, every Like and Reblog and Retweet, and thank you especially for pledging on Patreon. It’s a huge source of encouragement to know that you enjoy this nerdy little thing I make. 😀

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