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The Book of All Names

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I have recently come into possession of a Kindle, and it is a shiny new toy full of future-science and wizardry. Because I like customising my stuff I whipped up a custom wallpaper/screensaver thing, which I share with you now:

Click for full size.
Click for full size.

To make my Kindle display custom wallpapers I used this video tutorial – it’s slightly technical and involves putting your Kindle in diagnostics mode, but I managed to muddle through alright. Take it slow and follow the instructions to the letter and it should be fine. I accept no responsibility for anyone bricking their e-reader, though.

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#DG50 – Koboldkopia

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A reminder about the #DG50 Twitter party, and a glimpse at the promised glittering prizes, sets of a poster and mini-comic featuring a decidedly kobold theme – I’ll be handing them out over the course of the party, so come along and join in! RSVP using the #dg50 hashtag, or drop a comment on this post!

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#DG50 Twitter Party

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What’s it about?

Dungeon Grind will have its 50th strip on Monday July 2nd. That makes it a half-year old! Anyway, it’s a milestone and a decent pretext for a party.

How does it work?

It’s pretty easy to get into.

  1. Be on Twitter between 6-8pm EST (11pm-1am UK time), Thursday June 28th.
  2. Use the #DG50 hashtag to join and follow the conversation.
  3. Talk, meet people, enjoy yourself.

You don’t have to be there throughout, just drop in when you can; that said, I’ll be dishing out goodies throughout the party, so the more you participate the more chance you have to win!

The Geek Underground – We Walk Among You

The popularity of videogames and big-budget comicbook movies mean interests once considered “for nerds” are getting increasingly mainstream, but fear of negative stereotypes still remains for many. This can make it hard for geeks – roleplayers, videogamers, comicbook fans, SF and fantasy buffs – to spot one another when meeting in person. They could be your coworkers, your neighbours, someone you pass in the street! They could be all around you…

That’s the general topic, though you’re entirely welcome to run with it and go on whatever tangents you like. I’ll be throwing out more specific questions to spark discussion during the event.

RSVP as a comment on this post, or send a tweet to @dungeongrind using the #DG50 hashtag!

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